The EKAW 2020 workshops are being run jointly with the workshops of the FOIS and ICBO conferences, under the umbrella of the Joint Ontology WOrkshops (JOWO) 2020.

5th International Workshop on Ontology Modularity, Contextuality, and Evolution (WOMoCoE)

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In the area of ontologies for Knowledge representation and reasoning, knowledge is rarely considered as a monolithic and static structure: partitioning knowledge into distinct modular structures is central to organize knowledge bases, from their design to their management, from their maintenance to their use in knowledge sharing. Moreover, keeping knowledge in separate modules is essential for representing and for reliable and effective reasoning in changing situations. Finally, evolution of knowledge resources, in terms of updates by newly acquired knowledge, is an important factor influencing the meaningfulness of stored knowledge over time.

Considering these emerging needs, the 5th International Workshop on Ontology Modularity, Contextuality, and Evolution (WOMoCoE 2020) offers the ground to practitioners and researchers to discuss current work on practical and theoretical aspects of modularity, contextuality and evolution of ontology based knowledge resources.

Workshop on Scalable Knowledge Graph Engineering (SKALE)

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While the use of semantic knowledge bases is steadily gaining industrial interest, ontologies are by and large still a fringe technology in most industries. A major impediment for industrial uptake is often attributed to the lack of scalability; the development, maintenance and use of semantic knowledge bases and the tools and methods that are built to support these tasks usually require considerable specialist training and are therefore essentially completely unknown and/or foreign to the average data/information worker. Enterprises that wishes to explore the benefits of using semantic technologies will likely lack the necessary competence and will find that there are a few off-the-shelf ontologies, tools and methodologies that fit their existing system architecture and information flow. Additionally, there are few leading examples and success stories to go by.

The SKALE workshop wishes to attract and stimulate novel research and innovative advances of semantic technologies with the aim of making these technologies relevant and useful for any modern data driven industry.